PerfectShop: Optimize Existing Procurement Solution

Perfect Commerce's PerfectShop suite is a SaaS solution that optimizes the value of any procurement system by facilitating efficient management and presentation of product information. PerfectShop accelerates the amount of spend under management by ensuring that product and service data as well as contract prices are assembled quickly and presented clearly. PerfectShop includes modules for all aspects of content management - from catalog creation and publication to comprehensive search capabilities. PerfectShop modules include:

Search Manager

Easy-to-find, clean content is crucial for a successful procurement system roll-out. It enhances the end users' experience. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to have a high performance search and catalog application in place.


Catalog Manager

A sound content management strategy is the most critical component of any procurement solution because it ensures that buyers and requisitioners only order those goods and services that are properly sourced and under contract.